Apple PowerBook G4 series Review

Is Apple PowerBook G4 series worthy of being owned?

Years after the popular Titanium PowerBook debuted, Apple’s new Apple PowerBook G4 15 Inch Improves on the original functions in nearly all areas except short Apple PowerBook G4 15-inch battery life.

Let’s take a look at the review:


Most of the catching point is that could reassure any Windows user that there really isn’t much hassle in moving from windows to Tiger. It has been proved to be well worth it, as it has shifted kind relationship with computers toward the more positive end.


One staring complaint is that apple doesn’t let out information about upcoming computers so they are able to keep prices high before new launches. Other than that, for its short Apple PowerBook G4 12-Inch battery life.


This is a laptop that fits in more categories than I ever imagined a single computer could. It is thin, light, powerful, beautiful, has a gorgeously large widescreen, and it makes me happy just looking at it. The notebook has the same sleek design as the titanium model but with an anodized-aluminum case and faster hardware. The Apple PowerBook G4 will secure a position high atop our list of recommended desktop replacements.

So, would I recommend this Apple PowerBook G4 series to anyone? Absolutely. I would recommend this computer to everyone if I could. Still, my only reservation is that it is very pricey-Apple’s common complaints.

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